Our Philosophy

REACH Psychological Services Inc. provides health and wellness services guided by several important core values.
  • Respect – First and foremost REACH Psychological Services Inc. strives to treat clients with dignity and respect and has developed agency procedures and protocols to reflect that principle.
  • Empathy – Knowing that someone can genuinely understand what we are going through and share in the emotions that we feel is crucial for real healing to occur.
  • Alliance building – We strive to reach out to individuals in order to make sincere, meaningful connections with people who are suffering. Building a relationship with someone who values, respects and understands us, makes us stronger! This connection is akin to making an alliance in a battle, feeling what it’s like to have an ally, having someone who is aligned with us, someone there beside us, standing with us against the storm, is a gamechanger. Alliances make us resilient and the alliance built in therapy between two people is a particularly powerful force. One used for personal growth, healing and change.
  • Constructive Change – Healing is hard work and it doesn’t happen overnight. Moreover mental wellness is something that needs to be maintained, requiring ongoing effort. REACH believes that both parties in the therapeutic alliance need to be constructive in this process, working together to create long lasting positive change.
  • Holistic care – Our approach to wellness is fundamentally grounded in seeing and treating the entire person. A holistic wellness approach considers the whole person, not just the mind and at REACH we understand that healing means treating the mind, body,  spirit, and emotions. Each individual is unique, which is why the one-size-fits-all method is NOT how REACH approaches mental wellness. With this in mind we collaborate with health professionals from many different disciplines (Naturopaths, Psychiatry, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Behaviourists, Massage therapy, Chiropractic, Alternative Medicine, etc.) in order to provide referrals to other professionals in our community that are thoughtfully delivered on a case by case basis.


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